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Your Best Bet for Lasting Sobriety

December 27th, 2016

In the quest for sobriety, your choices to achieve this goal are important. Though not the most convenient method, long-term admittance in a reputable rehabilitation facility has proven to be most effective. In recovery, withdrawal symptoms are one’s kryptonite, which can turn back the clock in the blink of an eye. Withdrawal symptoms vary from one person, and one addiction to another.
In trying to overcome an addiction, one might think it to be a rite of passage to tackle it alone, perhaps to prove reform, when the cold, hard truth is, it is hard. No one should have to go through it alone, and no one has to. Long term rehabilitation centers facilitate a safe transition into sobriety. The acute withdrawal symptoms previously mentioned can be properly addressed, as well as the often-forgotten post-acute withdrawal symptoms, or PAWS. PAWS, on average, appear two months after the detoxification period. The symptoms are similar to the initial withdrawal symptoms, though they tend to veer from the common physiological threats, to be more emotional, and mental in nature, such as depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment, and of course, intense cravings. As expected, PAWS pose as much a threat to sobriety, as do the primary withdrawal symptoms, a threat which is thought to be controlled, in the environment of a reputable rehab facility.

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Medical Marijuana and the Law

December 22nd, 2016

With the widespread shift being seen within the borders of the United States as it pertains to marijuana, one may think this opens the doors for teenagers to abuse the drug. There are states such as Florida, and Arkansas which have legalized the use of the drug for medical purposes, with states such as California, Washington, and Massachusetts legalizing recreational use by adults.

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Which Treatment Center is Right for You?

December 20th, 2016

After coming to terms with the fact that your addiction requires an intensive treatment program, it may be overwhelming to consider all your options. In deciding which treatment center is right for you, you will have to engage a great amount of due diligence, to ensure that the program is well suited to your needs. Location will most likely play a part in your decision, so determine the accreditation rating for those centers closest to you, before going any further. You may need to adjust your radius, to find a reputable center.

You know your addiction, so research various techniques and methods employed to treat said addiction.

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