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General Addiction FAQs

Yes, you may bring cigarettes. Many people do smoke when they first start giving up drugs or alcohol. You may find that coffee or tea and cigarettes become a normal thing to do over this period.

Comfortable clothing and shoes is a must as you will be spending time in detox and therapy concentrating on your addiction. Fashion is not the most important thing at this stage but your comfort and ease are the focus. A towel or bathing suit may be an idea if you want to swim and if you like to do yoga or want to try it then yoga wear or track pants and a t-shirt are essential. Bring your toothbrush and toothpaste and any toiletries you require.

Staying in a center for treatment lets you take a step back from all of the day to day stresses and forces behind a persons addiction, whether they are individuals or just situations. Choosing to receive treatment in a safe and secure environment where there is around-the-clock care gives you a better chance of staying sober.

Effective aftercare planning  consists of a collaborative effort between the client and treatment team and can help prepare clients for ongoing success. All clients leave treatment with a detailed aftercare plan complete with the contacts and resources needed to continue along the road of recovery. We can help with access to 12-step support groups, sober or transitional living, or any necessary means of continued support.

No. Detox is not a stand-alone treatment option. Experts say that research shows the longer the time between detox and residential treatment, the greater the risk of relapse. This is why clients immediately move from the detox program into one of our many customized treatment options. We offer a person all the tools they need to get sober and stay that way for good. It is important to make sure that the individual is safe and secure and has all the means at their disposal to enter lasting sobriety for good.

Detoxification or “detox” is an important part of the recovery process because it removes toxins from the body caused by chemical dependency. Our clinically-supervised detox allows you or your loved one to go through the detox process in a safe comfortable setting with world class facilities and around-the-clock care. This process typically lasts between 5-7 days and may be unpleasant at times. However, clients can expect our staff will make detox as manageable as possible.

No two people are the same and each individual has a tailor made customized treatment plan so the length of stay varies for each individual, depending on a number of factors like the addiction severity, whether they have any co-occurring disorders or if there are any medical complications. Research shows the longer clients stay in treatment, the better their chances of sustained recovery. To ensure maximum success, we offer a unique 23 day model based on individual needs.

Yes, you may bring money to treatment. You can also have an account opened for you or your loved one at the facility.

Our newest facility, Dimensions West LA, is a secure and confidential environment located in a beautiful neighborhood in West Los Angeles. Our state of the art, full-service facility gives clients their personal space, allowing them to recover from substance abuse and find their true selves in the process.

Covered by Most Major Insurance Carriers

Dimensions Recovery Centers do accept many insurance policies or private pay. Our admissions counselors are here to help you and will conduct a free insurance verification when you call. Dimensions is an Anthem network provider. Please call to get your policy verified.

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3 Steps to Recovery


Enrollment in a leading facility that provides luxury, comfort and safety with first-rate amenities.

Personalized Treatment

Individualized treatment plans customized and implemented by highly credentialed, experienced staff dedicated to your around-the-clock care.

Proven Aftercare

Proven systems of support, 24/7, during treatment and after leaving the recovery facility, combining personal, family and community therapies.

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